Our Services

Below we have listed in a little more detail the main services we provide

Customs & Immigration Clearance

We have been building quality relationships for over 10 years with all authorities at stationed at the Marinas here in Tunisia.

For this reason we are able to offer a services to our clients which is second to none.

Customs and Immigration clearance is painless and fast with us.

Duty Free Bunkering

Being outside the EU, most of our visting yachts take full advantage of the duty free fuel available here in Tunisia, please contact us for a today’s guide price. We also work with most fuel agencies and will organise your fuel delivery at a time to suit you, we ensure all customs paperwork is completed correctly and will also supervise the delivery, ensuring there are no language barriers.

Bunkering Bizerte Marina
Bunkering at Marina Bizerte

Provisioning Perfection

Provisioning perfection

Providing exceptional service 24/7, YST takes care of all your provisioning needs. Our English-speaking staff combine their years of superyacht expertise with energy and enthusiasm, giving you a point of contact that really understands the importance of quality, consistency and timing.

Fresh Produce

Our local knowledge allows us to take our provisioning service to another level. Fresh, flavoursome local produce is standard at Tunisia’s excellent local markets, and we make sure your chef can take full advantage of that fact.

Quality Products

Quality is paramount. Our provisioning service provides an exceptional standard of food and drink, leaving your chef free to concentrate on preparation. Our relationships with local suppliers allow you to benefit from the freshest of fare – and in Tunisia, fresh, seasonal food is very much the centre of cuisine.

Reliable Service

We understand the unique pressures of the superyacht industry. Reliability is just as important as quality, which is why we ensure a fast response to your requests – every time.

Beyond the basics

We also give your chefs the opportunity to come with us to local markets. Not only is this a fantastic experience for the chef, but it gives them the opportunity to select exactly the food they want to prepare for the day’s dishes, as well as get a little culinary inspiration.

Additionally, if you know what you need ahead of time, you are welcome to provide us with a shopping list so everything you need is ready for your arrival. Keen to know what we could do for you? Get in touch today to find out more about our provisioning service.

Other Services

While Customs and Immigration clearance, bunkering and food and very important for the successful trip to Tunisia. There are a host of other services we can provide for you, some examples of which are listed below:

  • Engine oils, hydraulic  fluids
  • Green cleaning products
  • Postal/courier services
  • Secretarial services
  • Office supplies 
  • Mobile/phone data SIM cards
  • Flowers
  • Laundry
  • Car Hire/with/without driver
  • Airport transfers
  • Crew Changes