Purple Sky in Tunisia with welcome sign post

Tunisia is a land with diversity at its core. Flanked by the hot Sahara Desert and the azure blue Mediterranean Sea, it weaves a rich tapestry of culture, cuisine and archaeological wonders. More significantly, in the wake of Covid-19, it has elevated itself to be one of the safest superyacht cruising grounds around, to date […]

Covid-19 update from Yacht Services Tunisia

MY Space in Hamamet Yacht Services Tunisia

It certainly has been a difficult time for everyone during these past few months. We hope you are all keeping well and are looking forward to being on the move again. There does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel for Europe and North Africa as restrictions start to ease all around […]

Tunisian sea, land and air borders closed to protect residents

Yacht Services Tunisia image of yacht and bunkering services

Popular duty-free bunkering destination currently closed to all yachts. As part of a national plan to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, all air, land and sea borders in Tunisia are currently closed.  At the time of writing there are just 27 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Tunisia and all of the cases are […]

Record year for superyachts and sailing superstars

Yacht Services Tunisia image of sailing superstar Peter Holmberg

2019 has been a record year for us and we couldn’t be more thrilled. One of the highlights was sailing superstars Peter Holmburg and Nachos Postigo visiting Tunisia on Peter’s new Catamaran Humbug during his first long distance trip. The Olympic medallist, Americas Cup winning helm and world no. 1 ranked in match racing was […]

Superyachts flock back to Tunisia

Tunisia superyacht in marina

We are pleased to announce that superyachts have been flocking back to wonderful Tunisia after the over- cautious travel ban was lifted in 2017. We saw a 50% increase in visiting yachts in 2018 and our excellent duty free fuel wasn’t the only reason they stopped by. We invite you to share the beauty of […]

Yacht Services Tunisia complete 15K walk for Breast Cancer

group of walkers at the YST cancer charity walk

Its been a busy year for Team YST but that didn’t stop Nahla from completing a staggering 15km walk to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. We are all very proud of her accomplishments and will continue to support this wonderful charity event. Back to News

British Government lifts Tunisia travel ban

British Government lifts Tunisia travel ban On 26th July 2017 the British Government lifted the travel status of Tunisia from “Essential Travel Only” to “Safe for Tourists to Visit” in most of the country. Alistair Burt MP said, “The government has today changed its travel advice for Tunisia. It no longer advises against travel to […]

Tunisian Visa Update

When entering Tunisia by yacht all visas are available on arrival, with the exception of Israel, crew with Israeli passports will be required to stay onboard at all times.  Please note this is NOT the same when entering Tunisia via air flights, some visas for air travel are required to be obtained before you fly. […]

Rowing Across the Atlantic

Altlantic Crossing

Whether you think they brave or simply idiotic, you can’t help but admire David Whiddon, LLoyd Figgins and mascot “Stormy Stan” as they row unaided across the Atlantic. Duncan and I came across the three at Agadir Marina as they were making the last preparations before they set off. I asked them if they had […]

Visiting Yachts

A small selection of our visitors to Tunisia are shown below: For more information and enquiries please email info@ys-tunisia.com Back to News