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  • Rowing Across the Atlantic

    Whether you think they brave or simply idiotic, you can’t help but admire David Whiddon, LLoyd Figgins and mascot “Stormy Stan” as they row unaided across the Atlantic.

    Altlantic Crossing
    Ready for the off

    Duncan and I came across the three at Agadir Marina as they were making the last preparations before they set off. I asked them if they had ever done done anything like this before “oh, I’ved cycled the length of South America” replied David “it took about a year”.  It seems that these two really have been bitten by the challenge of adventure bug, with vast amounts of help from Bournemouth University with performance coaching, nutrition advise and access to Olympic rowing coaches the boys seem to be very well prepared physically. As for the psychological side of the challenge ” we’ll find out when we get out there” they laughed.

    The reason for all of this is to raise funds for the RNLI. In fact the target is £24,000, why such a small amount I asked?  “this is the annual cost to train all the volunteers at one lifeboat station” is was told.  So, we ask all who read this to follow the link and donate, on their website you are also able to send a FREE text message to the boys and keep track of them via the live GPS tracking software,  please take the time and clink on the link  http://www.atlanticcrossing.com

    We wish the boys and Stormy every success in their monumental efforts and we will be checking in on their progress as they row across the Atlantic.





  • Duncan’s War Wound!

    The live-a-board community here in Port Yasmine organised a quad biking trip in the south of Tunisia, Duncan managed somehow to get himself cut after a minor accident.  First aid is administered by the very attentive guide. Click on the link below to see the video.

    Its Only a Flesh Wound Duncan!

  • Congratulations Frank

    A belated congratulations to Mr. Frank Walker who was honored with a OBE in the New Years list. We look forward to celebrating with Frank and Fiona in April.